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Polímeros: Ciência e Tecnologia
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Thermoplastic Elastomers Blends Based on Linear Low Density Polyethylene, Ethylene-1-Octene Copolymers and Ground Rubber Tire

Rocha, Marisa C. G.; Leyva, María E.; Oliveira, Marcia G.

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Blends of linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) ethylene-1-octene copolymers (EOC), with different 1-octene (OC) content, and ground rubber tire (GRT) were prepared by melt mixing in a twin screw extruder. Five different compositions of LLDPE/EOC/GRT blends were processed in the extruder to evaluate the effect of EOC addition to the LLDPE/GRT blends. The addition of EOC to LLDPE/GRT blends improves the mechanical properties. Besides, the replacement of 5% of GRT by EOC grades (OC = 20 or 30 wt %) in the 50/50 LLDPE/GRT blend, leads to a significant increase of ultimate tensile properties. The EOC comonomer content affects the properties of LLDPE/EOC and LLDPE/EOC/GRT blends. Dynamical-mechanical analyses showed that, with the addition of EOC to LLDPE/GRT blends, the Tg of GRT and the Tg of EOC are closer. This effect is more pronounced when the EOC with the highest content of comonomer (30 wt %) is added to LLDPE/GRT blend. In this case, only one peak related to the Tg of the rubber phase can be visualized in the amorphous region. These findings indicate that EOC may act as compatibilizer agent for LLDPE/GRT blends.


Blend, linear low density polyethylene, ground rubber tire, ethylene-1-octene copolymers, compatibilizer, mechanical properties


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