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Evaluation of Bactericidal Action of 2-vinylpiridine Copolymers Containing Quaternary Ammonium Groups and Their Charge Transfer Complexes

Valle, Aline S. S.; Marques, Mônica R. C.; Costa, Luciana C.; Maria, Luiz C. Santa; Aguiar, Alcina Palermo de; Merçon, Fabio

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We report the development of copolymers based on 2-vinylpyridine with different porosity degrees. The copolymers were quaternized with methyl iodide and acrylonitrile to introduce quaternary ammonium groups on pyridine units. To prepare charge transfer complexes, the unmodified copolymers and their derivatives quaternized were impregnated with iodine. The antibacterial properties of all the polymers were evaluated ranging from of the Escherichia coli strain. The unmodified copolymers did not have antibacterial activity against E.Coli suspensions. The quaternization with methyl iodine and acrylonitrile increased the biocidal performance of these copolymers, but only the copolymer with the lowest porosity modified with methyl iodine showed significant bactericidal action for all E. Coli concentrations. The 2-vinylpiridine copolymers quaternized and impregnated with iodine had higher antibacterial activity than the impregnated ones. The charge transfer complexes derived from the copolymer with the lowest porosity and highest swelling capacity in water had the best bactericidal performance.


Porous materials, 2-vinylpiridine copolymers, quaternary ammonium groups, charge transfer complexes, biocidal


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