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Sulfonation and Characterization of Styrene-Indene Copolymers for the Development of Proton Conducting Polymer Membranes

Becker, Cristiane; Biagini, Amanda B.; Forte, Maria M. C.; Amico, Sandro C.; Vargas, José V. C.; Azambuja, Denise S.

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The aim of this work is to obtain polymer precursors based on styrene copolymers with distinct degrees of sulfonation, as an alternative material for fuel cell membranes. Acetyl sulfate was used to carry out the sulfonation and the performance of the polyelectrolyte was evaluated based on the content of acid polar groups incorporated into the macromolecular chain. Polymeric films were produced by blending the sulfonated styrene-indene copolymer with poly(vinylidene fluoride). The degree of sulfonation of the polymer was strongly affected by the sulfonation reaction parameters, with a direct impact on the ionic exchange capacity and the ionic conductivity of the sulfonated polymers and the membranes obtained from them. The films produced with the blends showed more suitable mechanical properties, although the conductivity of the membranes was still lower than that of commercially available membranes used in fuel cells.


Styrene-indene, fuel cells, sulfonation, blends


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