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Thermal and Rheological Behavior of Reactive Blends from Metallocene Olefin Elastomers and Polypropylene

Domingues Junior, Nei S.; Forte, Maria M. C.; Riegel, Izabel C.

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Reactive blends of metallocene polyolefin elastomers (POE)/polypropylene (PP) with 60/40 composition were prepared with an organic peroxide, 2,5-dimethyl-2,5-di-(t-butylperoxy)hexane, and a bis-azide derivative, diphenyloxid-4,4’-bis(sulfonylazide) (BSA). Ethylene-1-butene (EB) and ethylene-1-octene (EO) copolymers and elastomeric polypropylene (ePP) were used as the elastomeric phase. The effect of elastomeric phase on the thermal, rheological, morphological and mechanical properties of the thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs) or dynamic vulcanizates were studied. All TPVs depicted pseudoplastic behavior and blends cured with azide curative showed higher viscosities. The TPVs showed both dispersed and continuous phase morphology that depends on the elastomeric phase type revealing a limited degree of compatibility between PP and the elastomers EO or EB. On the other hand, the TPV PP/ePP showed a uniform morphology suggesting an improved compatibility. Substantial changes observed in physical properties were explained on the basis of blends’ morphology and dynamic vulcanization. The results confirm that the mechanical properties are more influenced by the elastomeric phase than by the curative agent. This study revealed a broad new range of opportunities for POE-based TPVs.


Reactive blend, thermoplastic vulcanizates, metallocene polyolefin elastomers, rheology


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