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Polímeros: Ciência e Tecnologia
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Thermal Stability of Soy-based Polyurethanes

Samios, Dimitrios; Petzhold, Cesar L.; Riegel, Izabel C.; Monteavaro, Luciane L.

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New types of polyurethanes were prepared by reacting diisocyanates and formiated soy polyols with different OH functionalities. Thermal properties and degradation kinetics were investigated by TGA. All prepared PU’s showed at least two-weight loss steps, the first one, around 210°C. Thermal stability of these PUs depends strongly on urethane groups per unit volume and an increase in the weight loss was observed as a result of the increased amount of urethane groups. Degradation kinetics behavior of the soy-based polyurethanes was investigated according to the Flynn method. Different average activation energy values were obtained from isothermal and isoconversional curves, 140.6 KJ/mol and 62.8 KJ/mol, respectively, indicating the complexity of the PUs degradation process.


Thermal stability, soy-based polyurethanes, degradation kinetics


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