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Polímeros: Ciência e Tecnologia
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Pectins from Apple Pomace

Petkowicz, Carmen L. O.; Beleski-Carneiro, Eliana; Wosiacki, Gilvan; Vriesmann, Lúcia C.; Marcon, Márcia V.

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Extractions of apple pectins from apple pomace were performed using an experimental design with 22 factorial. The extractor agent was 5 % (w/v) citric acid and the variables were time (30, 50 and 80 min) and temperature (50, 75 and 100 °C). The best yield (16.8 %) was obtained using higher temperatures (100 °C; 80 min). Monosaccharide composition of the pectic fractions was similar to others already described.


Pectins, extraction, citric acid


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