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Kinetic and Structural Features of Furan Compounds as Inhibitors of the Radical Polymerization of Vinyl Acetate

Vega, Rebeca; Rieumont, Jacques

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Some furan compounds bearing a double bond in the side group have been examined as inhibitors of the radical polymerization of vinyl acetate initiated by AIBN in ethyl acetate at 60°C. The inhibition effect was found to follow the order: furfurylidenacetone > furylacrolein > furanacrylic acid > furylacrylmorpholinamide as a consequence of the greater stabilization of the radical formed. The site of radical attack can be considered either as the C-S position of the furan ring or as the double bond of the side group. The compounds taken as models such as S-methylfuranacrylic acid and furfurylidenbutanal indicate that both positions can participate in the inhibitory process.


Inhibited vinyl acetate polymerization, furan compounds, kinetic study


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