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Biodegradable blends of starch/polyvinyl alcohol/glycerol: multivariate analysis of the mechanical properties

Zanela, Juliano; Casagrande, Maira; Shirai, Marianne Ayumi; Lima, Vanderlei Aparecido de; Yamashita, Fabio

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The aim of the work was to study the mechanical properties of extruded starch/polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)/glycerol biodegradable blends using multivariate analysis. The blends were produced as cylindrical strands by extrusion using PVAs with different hydrolysis degrees and viscosities, at two extrusion temperature profiles (90/170/170/170/170 °C and 90/170/200/200/200 °C) and three conditioning relative humidities of the samples (33, 53, and 75%). The mechanical properties showed a great variability according to PVA type, as well as the extrusion temperature profile and the conditioning relative humidity; the tensile strength ranged from 0.42 to 5.40 MPa, elongation at break ranged from 10 to 404% and Young’s modulus ranged from 0.93 to 13.81 MPa. The multivariate analysis was a useful methodology to study the mechanical properties behavior of starch/PVA/glycerol blends, and it can be used as an exploratory technique to select of the more suitable PVA type and extrusion temperature to produce biodegradable materials.


biodegradable material, extrusion, principal component analysis.


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