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Use of pH-thermosensitive hydrogels for nickel ion removal and recovery

Andrés, Álvarez Casillas Cesar; Alberto, Cortés Ortega Jorge

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N-isopropylacrylamide / itaconic acid hydrogels were prepared in this study, varying the proportion of itaconic acid in the pregel mixture. The kinetics of the hydrogel swelling at 4 °C was determined, obtaining the kintetic patameters, in accordance with the second-order kinetic model. Similarly, the capacity to absorb water in terms of temperature was determined, along with the transition temperature of the samples. The influence of temperature on the capacity of the hidrogels to absorb nickel from aqueous solutions at 5% of NiCl2 and its subsequent recuperation was determined.


hydrogels, metals remover, recovery metals, pH-sensitive, thermosensitive.


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