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Structural and optical properties o plasma-deposited a-C:H:Si:O:N films

Juliana Feletto Silveira Costa Lopes; Jean Tardelli; Elidiane Cipriano Rangel; Steven Frederick Durrant

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Thin a-C:H:Si:O:N films were deposited from plasmas fed hexamethyldisiloxane, oxygen and nitrogen, and characterized as a function of the partial pressure of oxygen in the feed, Rox. Deposition rates varied from 10 to 27 nm min-1. Surface roughness was independent of Rox, being around 10 nm. The films contain C=C and C=O, and also Si-C and Si-O-Si groups. Lower [C] and [N] but greater [O] and [Si] were measured in the films as Rox was increased. Refractive indices of ~ 1.5 and optical energy gaps which fell from ~ 3.3 to ~2.3 eV were observed with increasing Rox. The Urbach energy fell with increasing optical gap, which is characteristic of amorphous materials. Such materials have potential as transparent barrier coatings.


plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition, optical band gap, urbach energy


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