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Effect of accelerated weathering environment on the carbon fiber/polyamide 6 composites

Larissa Stieven Montagna; Guilherme Ferreira de Melo Morgado; Juliano Marini; Thaís Larissa do Amaral Montanheiro; Alessandro Guimarães; Fabio Roberto Passador; Mirabel Cerqueira Rezende

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Prolonged exposure to environmental conditions such as ultraviolet radiation, humidity, and temperature, to which carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic polymer components are exposed during their service life, can lead to significant changes in mechanical, physical, and chemicals properties, and can often be irreversible, resulting in premature component failure. This study presents the influence of accelerated weathering exposure times (400 h, 800 h, and 1200 h) on the mechanical, thermal, and structural properties of carbon fiber (CF)/polyamide 6 (PA6) laminates. Analyses of composite surfaces were carried out using microscopy and contact angle measurements, which indicated that the factors of exposure to accelerated only affected the surface of the composites, showing signs of the beginning of degradation. The tensile strength (609 MPa ± 10 MPa) and interlaminar shear strength (27 MPa ± 0.9 MPa) did not present significant changes, showing that the reinforcement, the matrix, and the interface remained stable after exposure to accelerated.




accelerated weathering, carbon fiber, composites, polyamide 6, ultraviolet radiation


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