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Crystallization and fusion kinetics of Poly(butylene terephthalate)/Titanium Dioxide

José Vinícius Melo Barreto; Antônio Anderson da Silva Gomes; Amanda Meneses Araújo; Andreas Ries; Janetty Jany Pereira Barros; Renate Maria Ramos Wellen

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In this paper, the crystallization, fusion, and activation energy (Ea) of PBT/TiO2 were thoroughly evaluated using DSC. Increasing the rates shifted the peaks of melt crystallization to lower temperatures while the fusions were almost unaffected. TiO2 hindered the melt crystallization of PBT and lower crystallization rates, i.e., CMAX and K’ were acquired, in general, the crystallinity degree (Xc) was 4% higher in PBT/TiO2 which is in the marginal error. Pseudo-Avrami and Mo models were applied to evaluate the melt crystallization kinetics; both fitted the melt crystallization quite well; deviations were observed at the beginning and the crystallization end most due to the nucleation and spherulites impingement during the secondary crystallization. Ea was evaluated using the Friedman model, considering the values of Ea less energy has to be removed from PBT/TiO2 when compared to PBT, specifically at 1% of TiO2.




activation energy, kinetics, PBT, phase transition, TiO2


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