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Improving the dispersion of multiwalled carbon nanotube in polypropylene using controlled extensional flowa

Marcel Andrey de Goes; João Paulo Ferreira Santos; Benjamim de Melo Carvalho

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The use of controlled extension flows associated with processing with predominant shear flows can bring gains in the dispersive capacity of nanofillers during the processing of nanocomposites. In this work, we use a controlled flow device coupled to the matrix of a single-screw extruder to process PP matrix composites containing 0.5% and 2.5% (v/v) of MWCNT. The nanocomposites were evaluated by optical microscopy and oscillatory rheological analysis. The clusters size analysis showed that in PP/0.5MWCNT-el, 70.5% of all its clusters were below 1µm2 while its analog processed without the extensional flow showed 59.8% of its clusters below this value. The rheological analysis allowed to verify that the compositions processed with the presence of the extensional flow have their crossover frequencies shifted to lower values, that is, longer relaxation times corroborating that improved degrees of dispersion were achieved.




processing, extensional flow, dispersion, nanocomposites


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