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Crystallization, thermal and mechanical behavior of oligosebacate plasticized poly(lactic acid) films

Inácio, Erika Martins; Lima, Maria Celiana Pinheiro; Souza, Diego Holanda Saboya; Sirelli, Lys; Dias, Marcos Lopes

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Abstract: The biodegradable aliphatic oligoester oligo(trimethylene separate) (OTS) was synthesized by polycondensation and used to plasticize poly(lactic acid) (PLA). Casting films of PLA and PLA/OTS with concentrations of 1, 5 and 10 wt.% were prepared, and these films were characterized by thermal analyses, crystallinity, rheology and mechanical tests. DSC revealed the decrease in the Tg of PLA films with addition of the oligomer and a partial immiscibility. Addition of OTS to PLA slightly decrease the thermal stability as well as increase the degree of crystallinity of these films. Dynamic-mechanical analyses of casting films showed that the PLA/OTS system presented lower storage modulus than PLA and mechanical test revealed an increased in the elongation at break for PLA films containing the oligoester. The results make possible to conclude that the oligomer synthesized from bio-based monomers acts as a plasticizer of PLA increasing the PLA ductility.


plasticization poly(lactic acid), oligoesters, trimethylene sebacate, cast films


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