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Rice husk ash as filler in tread compounds to improve rolling resistance

Fernandes, Mônica Romero Santos; Sousa, Ana Maria Furtado de; Furtado, Cristina Russi Guimarães
In the tire industry carbon black is being replaced by silica as a filler in recent due to the development of “green tires”. Amorphous precipitated silica in combination with a silane coupling agent as a filler in tread compounds can result in fuel savings of 3% to 4% compared to a tire having treads made from compounds with carbon black. This means a 20% reduction of the rolling resistance and consequently lower greenhouse gas emissions. On the other hand, rice is one of the most important food crops generating around 22% in weight of husk during its milling, a material that is mainly used as fuel for energy generation, resulting in ash. Rice husk ash (RHA) contains over 70% of silica in amorphous form. In this paper we evaluated the effect of replacing carbon black with RHA in a basic tread formulation. Compounds mechanical, dynamic properties and morphology were analyzed.
dynamic mechanical thermal analysis, mechanical properties, rice husk ash, rolling resistance, scanning electron microscopy.

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