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Properties of barrier shrink bags made with EVOH and polyamide for fresh beef meat preservation

Rodrigues, Jose Boaventura; Brunelli, Kleber; Sarantopoulos, Claire Isabel Grígoli de Luca; Oliveira, Lea Mariza de
Abstract: The objective of this work was to compare the barrier and mechanical properties and shrinkability of coextruded films chlorine-free, with high barrier chlorine multilayer films traditionally used to preserve fresh beef. Four 9-layer barrier-shrink films containing PET, ethylene ionomers, polyamide PA66/6 modified with amorphous PA, 32 or 44 mol% EVOH and PE were produced in a commercial scale triple bubble co-extrusion line. Seal strength, puncture resistance, oxygen and water vapor permeability and film shrink were measured for the four films and compared to the EVA/PVDC/PE film properties. The results obtained under controlled laboratory conditions show that films made with one layer of EVOH 32 mol% of ethylene encapsulated between two layers of PA66/6 modified with amorphous PA have gas barrier properties and puncture resistance better than a typical EVA/PVDC/PE, seal strength and shrinkability comparable to this film and therefore have potential to preserve fresh beef.
chlorine free, oxygen transmission rate, puncture resistance, shrink film, vaccum packaging

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