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Hybrids membranes with potential for fuel cells – Part 3: extruded films of nanocomposites based on sepiolite and PC/sulfonated PC blends

Gomes, Ana Catarina de Oliveira; Backes, Eduardo Henrique; Ruvolo Filho, Adhemar Colla; Paranhos, Caio Marcio; Passador, Fábio Roberto; Pessan, Luiz Antonio
Abstract: Fuel Cells based in polymers are an alternative for the conventional energetic matrices. However, materials currently available still present disadvantages to overcome. Membranes of polycarbonate (PC)/sulfonated polycarbonate (PCs) blend/sepiolite nanocomposites have previously been studied by the authors, resulting in good mechanical properties and promising properties of vapor transmission and ionic migration resistance. However, their production in large scale is still a challenge. The aim of this work was the development further the formulation and processing of the previously studied material. Films of PC/PCs blends (50/50 wt%) with different content of sepiolite clay, with and without chemical modification, have been prepared in an extruder and evaluated by FTIR, XRD, DSC, TGA, DMA, tension strength and water vapor transmission (WVT). Even after two processing steps, the blend-based nanocomposites keep good thermal and mechanical properties. However, changes in WVT were observed with respect to data obtained in previous studies.
polymeric membrane, nanocomposite, fuel cell, polymeric electrolyte

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